A Platform for Success




This is the roadmap of what I would like to achieve over the next four years as your Mayor of Chatham-Kent. The five issues listed here have been defined after input and discussion from hundreds of people from across our community. 

I believe these five pillars can build the foundation for Transformational Change in Chatham-Kent. Each pillar supports a variety of specific initiatives I would implement if elected Mayor of Chatham-Kent. This is a detailed platform with deliverable results. I think our citizens deserve to know exactly what each candidate plans to do if elected. Some of my fellow Mayoral candidates have either presented generalized statements with no details on how they plan on achieving them, while others have not released a platform at all. 



While building my platform some red flags relating to our community development kept popping up. This includes government statistics on demographics, job and population data. This data indicated the past 12 years we have seen a major decline in the number of jobs, a decline in our economy and a decline in our population. We are now seeing the ripple effects of that decline: crumbling infrastructure, higher taxes, school closures, and more. 

It’s time to turn this around – we must take a different path than the one the current Mayor and Council have been on for the past 12 years. We must grow our economy and grow our community. If we do the first one well, the second will follow.

In 2018 our future can become brighter than our past.

It’s our time.