Transparency & Communication...

One of the cornerstones of my campaign, and if elected Mayor, is transparency. This means clear and regular communication with my fellow citizens, with my fellow women and men on Council, and with administration about what is happening in our community. This is how we can build trust and respect in our leadership and with each other.

With so many communication tools at our disposal in 2018, there is no excuse not to use them to our full advantage, especially with a community that is as geographically large as CK. That's why I was happy to join Chatham-Kent's newest FB Live guru Ben Labadie for a Facebook Live chat this week at my new community campaign office in downtown Chatham.

Using social media to engage with our community is something I have been doing both professionally and personally for many years, and I will continue to do so throughout my campaign, and if elected Mayor. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me in whatever format you are most comfortable with, whether it's via any of my social media channels (FB, Twitter, IG or LinkedIn), email, a phone call or in person.

I believe in you and want to hear from you about the issues that are important to you. Ben and his FB live audience asked some great questions last night about issues important to them, and I thank everyone for their participation.

This how we can move this community forward - with respectful and productive conversations with each other. As I said in Ben's chat (in my rather hoarse voice) let's keep the conversation going. I'll also be holding FB live conversations in communities across Chatham-Kent over the next weeks and months. If you have a suggestion or request for a location, I'd love to hear it.

Stay tuned, thank you for your support, and thanks again to Ben for the conversation.