"Service Above Self": The Rotary Way...

One year ago this week I wrapped-up my year as President of the Rotary Club of Chatham.

It was an incredible year. I hosted Artis Shreve Lane as our Annual Banquet speaker - the epitome of class, grace and artistic excellence.

I was proud to be part of a strong legacy of female leadership for our Club (six of the last seven Presidents of our Club have been women). I expanded my knowledge and gained even more respect for the expertise and compassion of the people from Chatham-Kent every week as I welcomed our keynote speakers. I chaired an incredible Board of Directors, and carried on a family tradition of club leadership following in the footsteps of my Great-Grandpa Wilf Storey, Grandpa Joe Storey, Grandpa Richard Hyde (Rotary Club of Detroit), my Uncle Eugene Sunnen (Rotary Club of St. Louis), my Uncle Augie Sunnen, my dad Tom, and my brother Brad, all Club Presidents before me.

It was an honour to lead this Club as we planted hundreds of trees together, worked TV Bingos together, helped at long-term-care homes together, supported clean water projects together, advocated for youth mental health facilities together, canvassed for Goodfellows together,  and just generally had a lot of fun together.

The people I met, the skills I gained and the strong sense of community spirit I felt through my Rotary leadership experience was one important factor of several that inspired me to put my name forward for a larger leadership role for Chatham-Kent as Mayor.

"Service Above Self" is Rotary's motto, and something every Rotarian commits to when they join. It's also the motto I will continue to embrace as I campaign over the next four months, and if elected, as Mayor.

It's our time.  

[By the way... if you're ever interested in learning more about Rotary, there are seven great clubs across Chatham-Kent. I'd be happy to connect you with a fellow Rotarian in your community.)