Blackburn Radio News Mayoral Debate

The right choice is an informed choice. Listen before you vote!

Transformational Change Radio Spots

We're airing these commercials on local stations daily,
 but you can listen to them all right now!

We are all Chatham-Kent and together we can go far.
It’s our time!
— Alysson Storey
Our youth should dream of LIVING here,
not dream of LEAVING here.
It’s our time, Chatham-Kent!
— Maddie N., Chatham

YOU CAN RECORD ONE TOO! Make your own commercial using your phone/tablet's voice memo app and email it to my team. We'll add the music and the disclaimer at the end. We might post it on our website or maybe even play it on the radio! Here's what we need... it's easy!

Max total talk time:  25 seconds (make sure it's quiet where you are!)
Must start with:  "Why am I voting for Alysson Storey?"
In the middle:  You've got 20 whole seconds to say why you support Alysson
Must end with: "It's our time, Chatham-Kent!"

Then attach the audio file to an email and send it my way. Just click the box below to open a pre-addressed email (and don't forget to attach the audio file before finally sending it!) Then check back to see if it's posted here. If we play it on the radio we'll let you know first.  Start recording!