A Platform for Success


As Mayor of Chatham-Kent, I will:

  1. Launch my Transformation CK Economic Strategy, which will include the following tasks:

    •  Within the first 100 days create a Transformation CK Business Advisory Team to help understand the key issues our business community is facing and what CK can do to help them grow. I will propose reallocating municipal resources to solely support this Team, and I will be personally involved in this initiative. Our local business owners and entrepreneurs can offer a wealth of insight into how CK can improve its position as a location of choice for business.

    •  Design and implement a strategy to attract investment from business outside of Chatham-Kent that will bring jobs and help grow our economy and population base. This will not mean going to China but could mean going to Detroit-Windsor, Waterloo, GTA, Chicago, etc. Through my extensive network of contacts across Canada, I will speak with municipal, provincial and federal leaders, Chambers of Commerce, and Economic Development teams across the country to find best practices and partnership and investment opportunities.

    •  Look for opportunities for improved efficiency to reduce our high tax rates. Lower tax rates will help attract investment and people.

  2. Work with Provincial and Federal partners to ensure Chatham-Kent is appropriately considered for investment and support when opportunities or issues arise. These are key partners and the current Mayor has not formed effective relationships here. I already have many of these relationships well established. This is not just about funding but also about partnerships and advocacy.

  3. Support and promote CK to the Power of Y committee (a newly-formed group to engage young professionals) to encourage attraction and retention of the 20–39 year age group.

  4. Re-establish positive working relationships with our two post-secondary institutions to help increase enrollment, explore expansion opportunities, offer lifelong education options to all residents, build constructive relationships with residents and students, and attract and retain young professionals.

  5. Review Arts, Culture & Tourism master plans to revitalize municipal-community collaboration relating to these crucial economic development drivers.