“New Issues Raised” Analysis

“Notices of Motion” and “Non-Agenda Business” by Councillors

Notices of Motion (NOM) and Non-Agenda Business (NAB) are how new items are brought forward to Council for discussion and voting.  Each NOM & NAB is recorded along with the name of the Councillor initiating it. Counting NOM’s & NAB’s is one method of ranking how effectively each Councillor represents their constituents by voicing issues.

My campaign team reviewed Council minutes counting the NOM’s & NAB’s put forward by each Councillor during this term (January 2015 to June 2018). We then colour-coded and charted each one according to their Ward. (The Mayor is not included because the Mayor is not permitted to bring Notices of Motion.)

In his four years on Council, Councillor Darrin Canniff brought forward 7 NOM’s & NAB’s combined.  Councillor Canniff had the fewest NOM’s & NAB’s of the six Councillors in Ward #6 Chatham, and was tied for second-last of all 17 Councillors.