I’m Not a Politician.

Chatham-Kent Needs New Ideas. Not Another Politician.

I have spent many years working in a wide variety of leadership roles, but my opponents claim I lack “experience” because I’ve never been a politician. I believe the last thing Chatham-Kent needs is another politician. Here’s why.

Since I started campaigning I’ve heard three things over and over while canvassing and in my online surveys…

  • Voters expect their Mayor to represent all of Chatham-Kent in an inspiring, positive way

  • Voters don’t believe the Mayor should direct Council’s decisions or tell Councillors what to do

  • Voters don’t want an automatic promotion from Councillor to Mayor

Our political structure has the Mayor representing all of Chatham-Kent while the six Wards are the focus of 17 Councillors.

Chatham-Kent Council has extensive and long-ranging experience. In fact our current Mayor and Council have 293 years as politicians between them. And while faces will change on October 22, Council’s collective experience will still be substantial. Coupled with an enthusiastic and hard-working Mayor we have the most exciting opportunity in close to twenty years to make our future brighter than our past. If elected I would be a first-time Mayor, but I would not be a first-time leader.

Voters are telling me that a Mayor’s most important job is to represent our entire community and inspire all our citizens. And I agree. I will bring new leadership, new ideas, new energy, and a new way of thinking to City Hall — all the while respecting and learning from the collective experience of everyone on Council.

We don’t need another professional politician. We do need a hard-working, experienced and transformational leader. I can be that leader — with your support.

It’s our time.


Note: Names in light grey are not seeking re-election and will be replaced by newly-elected Councillors.