A Platform for Success



As Mayor of Chatham-Kent, I will:

  1. Improve communication about municipal government and services with our citizens. This will include:

    •  Review and improve the municipal website.

    •  Use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for two-way communication.

    •  Review format of Council meetings, agendas and minutes to ensure details like deputations from residents, Council discussions, and decision-making processes are clearly recorded and in plain language.

    •  Provide regular video updates and messages from Mayor, Council and Administration.

    •  Create and promote Mayor’s “hotline” and email address to ensure citizens know how to easily reach me when needed.

  2. Encourage strong collaboration with citizens’ advisory boards and councils to help understand and address local issues and opportunities, including the following:

    •  Full time staff-person provided (through reallocating existing staff) to ensure each board has the support they need to be successful. Citizen boards have been used in the past but have often struggled because there has not been the appropriate support or Mayoral interest. 

    •  Ensure Council representation in each group, along with Mayoral involvement.

    •  Review the current municipal Committee structure to ensure they are relevant to our communities and determine if there should be any updating or changing of mandate, diversity of membership, etc.

  3. Actively engage with each member of Council to ensure I understand their thoughts and concerns and to ensure we can work together towards achieving our larger strategic goals. I believe a better working relationship between the Mayor and Council can only help in moving CK forward. I will work hard to ensure I have respectful and productive relationships with each member of Council.