Recorded Motions Analysis

Talking about the truth is not negativity. It’s honesty.

Every year Chatham-Kent Council makes and votes-on hundreds of Motions. A Motion to accept a report. A Motion to hear a Deputation. A Motion to take a break. A Motion to enter into Closed Session. A Motion to adjourn. Every one is diligently made, seconded, and recorded — and becomes part of the official record of Council. The vast majority are routine & procedural so they’re not particularly important, but they’re all legally required and making them is part of a Councillor’s job.

My campaign team reviewed Council minutes counting the total number of Motions made over the last four years. (It’s pretty close to 1,800.) We also counted how many were led by Councillor Darrin Canniff.

In his four years on Council, Councillor Canniff brought forward 12 Motions out of apx 1,800.  This amounts to 0.7% of all recorded Motions.  The mathematical average would 106 for each councillor; Councillor Canniff led 12 — or 3 Motions per year.